I removed the last of my honey supers today. I had already extracted once and replaced the supers for a second harvest. After extracting the ripe frames, I still have alot of frames that are partially capped or filled with no capping at all. I would like to feed this back to the bees, but I put on my Apigaurd today and dont want to contaminate my frames by putting them back on the hive. I thought about open feeding far away from the hives? If I do this do I need to uncap the cells that are capped? The only problem I have with open feeding is the fact that I will be feeding the wasps and yellow jackets also (as well as other peoples bees perhaps). Would these frames be ok until my apiguard is off the hives? Could I extract this unripe honey and feed it back in top-feeders? It is alot of "honey" and I dont want it to go to waste.