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    Default state/association dues??

    Beesource members I need your help. The IL State beekeepers association is looking at raising dues from $6 to whatever. I have been tasked to find out what othere states are doing to determine if we can do more programs by charging higher dues. Can you let me know what some of you pay in your state or local association and how many meetings you have? At this point we have two main meetings a year but not much else.


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    I've not been to any state meetings, so I don't know what the dues are. In our local club, the dues are $3.00 a year. hope this helps
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    I'm the Pres of the Vermont Beekeepers Association. We charge $15.

    For years we struggled to save enough money for a speaker at out 2 annual meetings. Then we changed our focus, from two good ole boy meetings...where we talked about the most gruesome methods for killing bears, an educational association, dedicated to helping the hobby/sideline beekeepers with thier management. What a difference! We now have more than $10,000 in the bank, and never charge for anything. We have a whole series of workshops, and can afford the best speakers. While we never have a banquet type meal at out meetings, we do have an awsome pot luck, which in my opinion is way more fun.

    Check out our website at:

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    State dues....$15.00
    County dues...$10.00



    County forum...

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    Ohio State Beekeepers Association:
    Quarterly newsletter
    Discounted admission to OSBA events
    Discounted subscriptions to American Bee Journal & Bee Culture
    Satisfaction for supporting beekeeping in Ohio!

    ______ $15.00 for senior/student membership for one year
    ______ $20.00 for individual membership for one year
    ______ $25.00 for family membership for one year
    ______ $160.00 for a life time membership.

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    State dues $15.00 per year, Life Time membership is available for a hive of bees/Supers etc.. Florida State beekeepers maintains 3 apiaries, and sell the honey, they also buy honey at wholesale price from members, and sell the honey at the Florida State Fair. We have one major convention in the fall, the site rotates around the state, lots of speakers (usually the best in the business), and a banquet were awards are given. Most of the large east coast migratory beekeepers show up, along with hobbiests. During the convention coffe breaks are sponsored by various businesses (Dadants, Mann Lake, regional bobcat dealers, etc..)
    They are also trying to get a late spring/summer meeting going, however that is struggling. The State Board of managers has a meeting usually quarterly, The state board is made up of a representative from each of the local orginizations, recently it has become a confernce call, anyone can listen in, only the board of managers can participate.

    Local dues are set by the local organization, my club is $15 per year. Meetings are monthly again set by the local club, speakers vary, mostly expierienced beekeepers talk about a subject, sometimes the state inspector gives a presentation. My club is lucky as Lawrence Cutts is a member of the club, also the State president is a member. We have Commericial beekeepers, sideliners, and hobby beekeepers. Issues get looked at from all angles. # meetings a year are purely social, we have a cookout where the club buys burgers buns etc.. and everyone brings a dish to pass, a fall fish fry everyone brings a dish to pass, one of beekeepers is a fisherman, and brings fresh mullet and cooks it at the meeting. And the December meeting is held at a local buffet resturant, and is pay as you go. Some good things about having a diverse group, is that a couple of the commericial beekeepers will let members know when they are ordering equipment, and you can add to their order (usually boxes are budget grade, frames are either peirco, or commericial grade). And I haven't had to pay for shipping yet, but I get the equipment at the big boy cost. One of the commericial beekeepers raises his own queens, and members can get queen cells really cheap, at a time of the year when the only place to get queens from is Hawaii. So it is a well spent $15.

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    Oklahoma State Beekeepers Association Membership Dues

    Individual membership, one year, $15.00 (one vote)
    Family membership, one year, $20.00 (two votes)

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    It sounds almost backwards to be raising dues without some idea of what more money is needed for. Various amounts of state dues pay for varying you get pretty long winded answers when you asked for a simple number. "Whatcha gonna much does it cost" makes more cents to me. The answer may well be to leave the dues alone and do less.

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    That is the problem we do not do anything now. Two meetings a year and no queen program, no young beekeeper program, no marketing, If dues are to low compared to other states that are doing more then the market supports it. So the answers I am getting are what I want.

    thanks for all the help

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    Default MA

    Massachusetts is 2 meetings
    $15 individual
    $20 family
    $25 organization/ 1 vote

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    thank you for all your help. Any one else have any dues


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