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    Default Bees Moved In to my Swarm box!

    Here's one of my swarm boxes with a swarm that moved in. I think it's been there a number of weeks based on the weight. One of my buddies just happened to check it last week down at the bottom of his back yard after noticing honeybees all over the flowers while he was cutting his lawn. He says there haven't been any honeybees all spring and summer till now.

    I moved them to this bee yard the other night and am going to combine them with a queenless NUC; the one below the swarm box, tomorrow.

    And the 1 1/4 inch hole is up high behind the newer boxes all have the hole down below the half way point of the box...but, it worked all the same. It was hung a little over ten feet up in a butternut tree and there aren't any known hives in the area...[/IMG]

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    I hope they make it for you over the winter. The green hive below looks like the same green of our hives!
    - Ann, a Gardening Beek


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