In the last two or three weeks I have had five dead outs in about 65 hives. Four of these were strong enough a few weeks ago to warrant having at least one super on them.

I have had the usual failed queens in the past, but never hives that simply disappeared. These hives had no bees dead or alive. They had no stores either, and they did not appear to have been robbed. There was very little pollen either and not many wax moths.

There was at least one hive in each out yard, two hives in one location.

This does not sound like CCD to me, and yet I have never seen it before either.

There is a light flow of nectar from beans and the golden rod is starting to bloom. It's been hot and dry but I wouldn't call this a dearth.

All of the affected hives had been looked into (top popped for a peek) at least two weeks before finding them gone.

Any ideas?