mr clemens sezs:
they don't always continue caring for them and finishing them. Though I carefully grafted a new group of larvae into cell cups, them introduced them to the bees, four out of ten were initially accepted and had begun to be constructed, then tonight, three days later, I checked that cell bar and discovered that even the four that they had begun to care for were no longer in an accepted state, they were empty and had been torn back down to cell cup status.

tecumseh replies:
this is a sign that resources are insufficient for the girls to finish the cells and this is why some folks employee finishing colonies where limited resources or bees will not limit the number of cells that come to completion.

troy ask:
I had read in another thread online that you can use a thin coating of Gorilla Glue to seal it, but that is awfully expensive. Is there a cheaper alternative?

tecumseh replies:
it is quite common here for flat roofed commercial building to be insulated with this kind of expanded foam product. it is my understanding that the product is sealed with an acrylic surface about 5 thousand of an inch thick which protect it from the elements and most especially uv. this dimension is approximately the thinkness of most (heavier bodied) paints. I have not tried this myself (since I don't build stuff using that kind of foam) but I would suspect a coat or so of good quality acrylic paint would work just fine.