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Thread: Not the bees

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    Dee Bee, you so get it!
    - Ann, a Gardening Beek

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    Quote Originally Posted by kc in wv View Post
    It might not sound like it, but I like cats too. My cats, the ones I choose to invite to my home. We have 3, all spayed or neutered.

    Lots of people feel that when they are dropping an animal off they, are doing it a favor by preserving it's life.

    What kind of life is this. One day you have food and water at your disposal and a life of comfort. The next you are in a strange surroundings, any food you eat you have to find yourself, kill it, and then fight off other animals trying to take it away. In daytime the hawks hunt you, at night the owls and coyotes hunt you. Then after a time you dye from a brain cyst because of worms you got from eating a field mouse or catch rabies during a cat fight.

    I applaude you and any other person who has their dogs and cats fixed and take them to the humane society when they are through with them.
    I live in the country and find that our yard is a dumping ground for unwanted animals. I am definitely not a cat lover, but can't stand to see something starve. So usually, I take them to the humane shelter.

    I think there is a special place in hell for the people that dump animals.

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    and when properly cooked.......... really do taste like chicken !!!!! L O L !!!!!!
    experience is what you get when you didn't follow advice !!

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