My strongest hive has been completely taken over by SHB--just discovered it Thursday, but am out of town until Monday, so can't deal with it until then. This hive had been in this place for 2 years, last year had a few SHB but nothing serious. I had 3 medium supers with one hive body, and it looks like larvae everywhere. I have had smaller collections of bees, usually queenless, that got overrun with SHB, but never a strong hive. In fact, I just looked at them a week ago, and didn't think much of the number of beetles that I saw. I probably had about 60 pounds of honey in that hive. I took about 6 frames out that didn't seem too ruined and put them in the freezer. The rest of the frames that I removed went into chlorox water. My question is, what do I do with the frames with honey that went into the clorox water...can I rinse it off and feed it back to other bees. And is the honey in the freezer salvageable?? I know one thing, all of my hives are going to have West Beetle traps in the future--it just happened so suddenly!!
Jon Yoder