Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to everyone.

I have been a hobby BK since I was a little boy, I'm now 39. My mentor was my next door neighbor that took up BKing when he retired and I would tag along with him everywhere in the summers.

I did my time in the USMC and eventually moved back eight years later to see all my hive equipment lying around, so I decided to take my hobby back up.

I have 3 hive all from my original feral swarm that found its way to my empty set up hive one year. I have a bee tree in our timber and I suspect that is where they came from. I have not medicated my hive at all or harvested any honey. I just let them come and go as they please and I go out and check on them once a month.

I'm heading up to Dadant this week to pick up some deep boxes as my girls are getting a little cranky for lack of room and have the top deep brood chambers full of honey. My plan is to expand next spring by splitting my existing hives.

Once again hello and thanks for the great forum.