In the past, all of my hives had traditional bottom entrances. This season, thanks to Michael Bush's lead, I have taken to converting the majority of my hives to 8-frame, with upper entrances and for our extremely hot and dry Summers, SSBB (screened slatted bottom boards).

Each Spring through Fall I have been plagued by Insectivorous and ravenous toads, among other insectivorous predators, I consider the toads, the most damaging. This season, since the toads have been unable to reach the entrances of most hives, they have been trying harder. The few hives remaining with bottom entrances have been especially affected by the predator toads. I've even found toads to have hopped up onto landing boards elevated 12 inches above the ground and casually eating their fill.

One good thing about the toads is that they keep the ground free of dead bees. I would rather they would leave it at that. The toads in this image are leaving in response to my appearance.