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Thread: Tons of mites

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    Default Tons of mites

    I am wrapping up an Apiguard treatment. How do I know if it was enough?

    I got busy during the first 2-week dose and did not check the tray under the SBB. After 2 weeks, it was wall to wall mite carcasses. ugh. Put on 2nd dose of Apiguard, and mite drop looked good for a while, then (got busy again) after a week, another tray chock full of mite bodies. Sheesh!

    If the infestation is this bad, will this colony survive? Has the Apiguard knocked them down, or are there still thousands more in there? I have observed a few DWV bees, not a lot. Have not opened for a full inspection yet. When I do (later this week, if the rain stops), what should I be looking for?
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    The key is to treat long enough to have all the capped brood hatch and drop their mites. Your second big drop was due to a new hatch of brood. That's why most products have a 21+ day treatment period.

    Sounds like you get to the mites.

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    >How do I know if it was enough . . .
    >what should I be looking for . . .

    First, you SHOULD have several (I like "many") mite-drop counts BEFORE you started treating. These numbers SHOULD have been the reason you chose to treat.

    After treatment(s) are complete, you need to count (sveral times) the "natural" fall of mites and COMPARE the BEFORE to the AFTER numbers. If your treatment was effective (enough) the "after numbers" should be MUCH less. (your treatment killed most of the mites, fewer remain to die later )

    It is not uncommon for a heavily infested hive to "need" more than one treatment. If you plan to treat again soon, use a different "type" of treatment. "Rotate" treatments.


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