For all of you that have just joined up here at BeeSource. First of all Welcome! Secondly, please do come over and visit with us at the chat room when you can. You will need a separate user name and password from the the one you just had assigned to you for the forums.

Go here:
and create a new account. You can certainly use the same user name and password that you have for the forums but they will need to be assigned to you as well for the chat room. Please keep in mind that those names may already be taken in the chat room. Many prefer to use a different name. That is completely up to you.

The only other requirement is that you have the Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer. Most folks already have it. But if you need it, go here for your free installation from Sun Microsystems:
After the installation has completed, you will have the opportunity to test the installation. Please do, then you can proceed to the chat room:

You will find that the best times to visit are between 9:00 PM EDT and 11:00PM EDT. It can be more or less but typically the best between those times. Once you have made it to the sign on page to the chat room. I recommend that you bookmark the page or make a shortcut on your desktop to the page. That will be the best way to return at a later time.

Again, Welcome and ENJOY!!!