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    Default Observation Hive Beetle Question..

    I put bees in a two frame observation hive in the early spring. I placed a frame of new brood comb in the bottom and a frame of older black comb with uncapped honey in the top frame. After about one month I began to see hive beetles. I was able to kill the beetles daily by pressing on the plexiglass as they hide along the edges of the frames. Next day more beetles show up. Two weeks ago I opened up the hive and took out the black comb. I could not see any sign of the beetles anywhere. I replaced it with a new frame of fresly drawn comb filled with uncapped honey..
    I have seen no more beetles... Are they attracted to older black comb?

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    Can't say that I've made that connection, but sounds reasonable. OB hives and SHB can be a problem. In fact any small hive (OB, weak split, mating nuc) in SHB country is going to potentially have a tough go at it. I've not seen many SHB this year - maybe the lack of rain has helped the situation?

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    just from what I've read here, I get the impression they're attracted to pollen and the old cocoons left in brood comb
    my understanding is they're after protein
    that would make me think old comb is a problem
    I think it's kinda the same for waxmoth
    just my impression, no scientific evidence

    further, it's my understanding (correct me if I'm wrong)
    that insects in general need protein during their developmental stages when they're growing new tissue, but during their adult stages they need little or no protein, just carbs for energy
    I'm not a bug-ologist, that's just the impression I get



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