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    Default Feeding to build stores

    I checked a strong hive today that I started as a package in April. 3 medium 70% drawn. 3 or 4 weeks ago they had about 6 frames of honey/nectar from just gathered to capped. I had stopped feeding them about a month ago but we are in a dearth. I noticed they had just been hanging out on the landing board. When I checked they have no stores at all now. I started feeding with a boardman a quart at a time of 1:1 syrup. Would I be better off feeding 2:1 to get them up some stores quickly? I have also considered making fondant so maybe I would not have to fill every day. They can drain a quart in about 1/2 day. The italian queen has completely shut down. I plan to continue feeding all my hives until at least fall bloom if we get one. I ordered some frame feeders that hold about 3 quarts should have them later this week.


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    1 to 1 will encourage brood rearing and 2 to 1 will encourage storage. I only feed 1 to 1 since I tend to simplify most processes. if the hive has good numbers and no resources then likely you need to feed them something to keep them alive.

    a real concern with a queen shutting down this early is that a very limited number of young bees will be on hand when winter arrives which can seriously impact survival.

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    Default feeding

    if i knew you wated some frame feeders i would have given you mine- just kidding. i wouldn't give them to an enemy. in my experience they drown WAY too many bees. why not use a gallon bucket feeder on the top frames? works good for me, anyway. i have a weak spring package that i am feeding 1/1 syrup to build up for the goldenrod flow. good luck

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    I've had good luck with the brown plastic hive top feeders from Dadant.

    They do seem to give a good hiding place for hive beetles to hang out though. So if you already have a SHB problem it won't work well at this time of year.

    Thankfully I usually only have to feed in the winter here in FL and there are not too many SHB at that time of year.


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