I have a friend down the road, 2 miles, that has I say around 50 bumblebees nesting \ flying around his shed. I'm not sure if calling it a shed is correct. Imagine a eight car garage with the garage doors removed, anyways they are flying in and out of holes in the 2" x 4". The holes are just big enough so the bumble bees and get in and out, he believes that they actually made the holes. I stood there and watch him trying to kill them by swatting them with his homemade bumblebee swatter, he also waited for bumblebees to enter one of the holes then plugged it with a stick. I was wondering if there was some way that I could collect the bumble bees and hive them down at my place? As I understand it there's a queen. I have no idea were she would be since I didn't see a bumble bee nest, they were nesting \ flying in and out of holes, probably around 50 holes, in the 2" x 4" along the ceiling and vertical supports.