While this is personal and to ones own taste: I use Western Bee and Mann Lake.

Mann Lake PF-100s are serving me very well, while i mentioned the size last winter and a number of people have measured and the concesus is between 4.95-5. mm depending on the measure and individual doing it, there is also a factor of strength. While i have no clue how a big radial might adjust these frames, it sure is nice to not have bottom bars falling off when excess burr comb is below an newly drawn frame and also it is great not to have a one sided, honey-filled comb sink onto the hive top when i turn a semi drawn comb. Last year i saw no drone comb in the PF-100s, but this year some of the nucs drew out drone right where they wanted it and while there was some burr combs (i use nine in the ten with spacers) it was no more and perhaps a great deal less than one colony with a shallow on managed to do with wax foundation. Overall, this reasonably priced frame is perfect for nucs getting a start in life and worked well in the packages i put in in April as well.
I have seen no difference in Russian, NWC, MINHY Italians, and swarms using this foundation frame combination. It is too early to tell with other lines.

The woodenware comes from Western Bee as do my feeders and while there is a bit of work to get some pieces to come together, there budget lines are fine. What i like about Western Bee is there service. It is very hard to find forests of pine that once provided bee ware for us all and compared to some equipment either handed down or home made by others, the savings is with Western Bee, an affiliate of Dadant.

Both companies strive hard to get orders out on time and i always wait until i need the equipment before i order and then forget half of what i planned to order even with the list in front of me. None-the-less, niether company has directly called me "scatter-brained." That level of service is hard to find in todays world.

Chrissy Shaw AKA: "Scatter Brain"