i had a nuc that i recently transferred into a ten frame deep to make more room. all the frames were honey bound and the queen wasn't laying yet when i did the transfer about three weeks ago. today i was looking into this hive to see what kind of brood pattern this queen was laying. it was pretty spotty. i found the queen and watched her for awhile. she would look into a cell, then another, then another, then she laid an egg in that cell. i'm thinking maybe since the four frames that were drawn were full of nectar, honey , and pollen, that maybe she only had a limited number of cells to lay in starting out, which caused the spotty pattern i observed or maybe she's just a dud. how long should i give this queen before i make my decision to pinch her or not. two, three brood cycles, or longer. i'd like to here from those who breed and mate their own queens. i was thinking of letting her go until autumn then combining this hive with another if the pattern looks the same. any thoughts?