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    Default USDA releases CCD "Action Plan"

    I have not digested this, but here it is...

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    For those who did not read the entire paper, I found several items of particular interest, and attention. Read the excerpts below.

    Plan: Research teams that include university researchers, the Federal
    Government (ARS, DoD), and private industry will use new strategies for
    detecting bee gene expression and for detecting and identifying pathogens
    of bees to determine the cause(s) of CCD.

    The underlined part is what caught my attention.
    Why is the Fed. Gov. involving the Dept. of DEFENCE???

    The poss. Explanation here is that the government is going to involve USAMRIID
    The Army’s USAMRIID is very good at isolating such pathogens.
    A good example is Hantavirus.

    This indicates to me that either something in the higher echelons has caused a panic in the government, or that someone is looking at this as a possible excuse for government control.

    Objective 4: Test effects of supplemental protein and carbohydrate [e.g.,
    high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)] feedings on bee health.
    Priority: Very High; Duration: Medium
    Plan: Reports in the 1970s indicated that HFCS contains low levels of
    poisonous hydroxy-methyl-furfural (HMF). Using both cage and field
    studies, the effects of sugar-substitute HFCS and protein-substitute
    supplements on bee health will be explored. Nutrient content will be
    analyzed and the metabolism of bees will be monitored. Additional testing
    could involve examination of GMO corn products (HFCS) to determine
    their potential impact on bee health when incorporated into HFCS.

    I know this will start a fight.
    The use of HFCS is a huge issue in the world of Apiaries. This I think along with the neonicotinoids may be the keys here.

    Objective 1: Test effects (lethal and sub-lethal) of neonicotinoids and other
    pesticides used for crop protection.
    Priority: Very High; Duration: Medium
    Plan: WG Teams will conduct laboratory and field experiments to
    examine the level of pesticide exposure that bees may be receiving while
    working crops treated with insecticides. Incoming nectar and pollen loads
    from worker bees on specific crops will be analyzed for pesticides. Cage
    studies may be used to simulate “worst case” scenarios where bees are
    confined to a single diet.
    Researchers will test the effects of lethal and sub-lethal doses of
    insecticides on the development of honey bee brood, in vivo and in vitro,
    and on the longevity of adult bees. Specifically, scientists will be testing
    the life span, learning ability, and orientation of reared bees, particularly
    as this relates to CCD.
    Additionally, laboratory, greenhouse, field-cage, and open-field
    experiments will be conducted to examine the effects of pesticide exposure
    on honey bees and non-Apis bees that forage on single and/or various
    crops treated with pesticides (e.g., insecticides, miticides, and fungicides).
    Nectar and pollen from honey bee and bumble bee foragers and from
    pollen-nectar provisions from solitary bee nests will be analyzed for
    pesticide contamination. The lethal effects of direct pesticide exposure of
    adult bees and brood will be determined by bee mortality, while sub-lethal
    effects will be determined through evaluation of adult foraging and
    orientation behaviors as well as reproductive success. The study of non-
    Apis bees addresses whether other bees serving as pollinators are
    susceptible to the same lethal/sublethal factors as honey bees and whether
    solitary bees can be reliable, readily accessible, surrogate species for
    evaluating pesticidal impacts on bees.

    If what I read in this action plan is accurate, then its telling me that the government is scared, and that indeed something very real is happening.
    If so, we will need to look for several things.

    1: All information coming out needs to be catalogues and archived.

    2: Signs that the Feds are going to try and take some kind of action to either take over apiaries, or somehow regulate the practice of bee keeping. In relation to other industries, apiaries are somewhat lax in regulations, and this gives the government an opportunity to try some kind of further regulatory power. Word to the wise:
    Keep a pulse on congress and start writing your Senators and Reps to get a feel as to what they want to do.

    3: A network on such a site as this should be devoted STRICKLY to CCD and the eventual outcome. This would be an open forum, and one that everyone can and should read.

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    This is the way the DoD is involved. They have been funding Jerry Bromenschenk for years in various projects that involve using odor to find explosives etc. He's a bee scientist from the U of Montana and has used bees in a unique way ie. finding land mines. The DoD allowed him the freedom to jump in on the initial research with his specialized equipment.

    The other plans mentioned have all been thought of and examined.


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    >>>the Feds are going to try take over apiaries<<<
    The picture this brought to mind had me laughing so hard I was afraid I woke John up.
    Someone should make a movie.

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    Too many variables to control in an insect that flies for miles. I did not see any beekeepers on the participant list. If CCD colonies remain unaffected by wax moth and SHB for a period of time you could also study them, but if the hives later get robbed out by bees, SHB, and WM, then gathering more facts now would be difficult.

    Maybe just put some cameras in Daves hives?

    I aint got no problem. But I am a bit of a pessimist on this.

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    Default Dr. Nancy Ostiguy told us at HAS that researchers have discovered a virus...

    She couldn't tell us more because the paper is being peer reviewed for publication. But it was the one constant against all the variables they found in CCD hives.
    She felt the paper would be published in the next few months. Stay tuned!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnK and Sheri View Post
    >>>the Feds are going to try take over apiaries<<<
    The picture this brought to mind had me laughing so hard I was afraid I woke John up.
    Someone should make a movie.
    Oh yea, this is definitely an X-File,
    ~What do you know there's so much to be done
    Count all the bees in the hive, Chase all the clouds from the sky~

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    Who's laughing? I have come to the realization that many believe many different things. Just on this site, and it was no joke, serious discussions about......

    Bush did not want to just listen to phone calls of known terrorists, but was going to listen to each and every one of all phone calls. All 45 billion per year, or whatever the number is.

    There was talk of "Will Bush step down after his term is up?" Comments that he would take over the county and make himself king!

    The mass media is constantly filled with agenda driven propoganda. Blacks think the white man is doing this, democrates accuse the republicans, the religious is going to do that....on and on, people soak all this up.

    So all of a sudden someone suggests that perhaps the goverment is going to take over the apiaries, and its a laugher??? I agree that the choice of words could mean, what?...something like armed guards at the entrance to apairies? No, I don't think so. Perhaps taking over apiaries could mean mass registration, formal licensing, fees, continueing education, and so on.

    Many professions are licensed and controlled in such a way. Whether it be auctioneers, barber shops, etc. Much of the agriculture community is licensed and regulated with classroom credits, certification, and the like.

    I find it laughable, that so many absurd comments are made in so many areas....and yet, goverment control of just one more item such as "beekeeping" is considered laughable.

    If you think ssocom1 comments are not feasible, then state so, and explain why. But to somehow suggest his comments are laughable on the surface is downright cruel, unjustified, and really low.

    I have a goverment that wants to take away my right to bear arms. They are talking about suppressing open air waves with "fair" doctrine laws. They want to tell me how to raise my kids. My governor in Pa. wants to make sending children to preschool at age three mandatory. I can't do many things, and for many other things, a license, a permit, a tax, or some other restrictive guideline is required.

    Could a central agency be one day in place to regulate beekeeping? I don't think its laughable. I think it could happen.

    The bee industry as it exists today is not for the hobbiest. Its not for the honey industry. They could not care if Joe Blow has a few hives in this township or not. And it does not care about how much honey you produce. They could just increase the already 60% of imported honey.

    What the industry and goverment cares about, and where the decision and money matter, is the protection of the food industry. And I don't think it would be laughable to suggest that in protecting this national security issue (food), that goverment control would be something to suggest as impossible.
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