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    Default Tent Recomendations

    Hey guys....

    I did an event to sell my honey last weekend and it was super hot out. A lot of people selling had these tents that, underneath, had their table and chairs that protected them from the sun and elements.

    It only took them a very small amount of time to set it all up and it folded out and in nicely. No parts to assemply. They used weights on each leg.

    I am not sure what these are called. Gazebos, tents, awnings.... I am not sure.

    Anyone recomend a quality one that would be good for something like selling honey at events? Something that is easy to put together and not really expensive??

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    They're selling a canopy right now at Walmart for around $75 that is quick to set up and take down. It's around 10' square. Sounds like what you're looking for.
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    Take a look at this site. We went to a softball game a couple of weeks ago and our son in law has one of these and it folds up and is put in a bag kinda like the lawn chairs you see today, I may get one to do the flea market.
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    Those easy-ups are awesome. It says you need two adults to put up, but it's easy with one. The other BIG advantage is that you don't need the ropes and stakes that people will trip over. It does come with them, but I don't use them -- unless it's really windy.


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