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    Default Mann Lake PF-100 and PF-120 Frames

    The last shipment of PF-100 and PF-120 frames that I received was in mid May. The cell size was slightly under 5.0mm. It seems to me that someone mentioned in a thread here that Mann Lake was going to retool that mould. Has anyone received any of these in the last couple of weeks? Is the cell size still under 5.0mm? I'm thinking of ordering a couple more boxes and wanted to check in with you folks to see if anyone has received the retooled ones yet.

    I'm not really a big fan of plastic frames, but I'm finding these much easier to use for regressing my bees to small cell. Compared to all the hassles I had last summer trying to get them regressed, these frames are really easy. I would never have known about these being under 5.0mm and given them a try if it wasn't for some discussions here on Beesource earlier this year.

    Thanks everyone!

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    I think it's the "as is" and "while supplies last" that have people thinking they will retool. I think they already did and are offering the new ones with their "PF500." But there is some references to their new top and end bar design on the PF100s. However that's what is already on the ones I got that are already 4.95mm.
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