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    Has anyone bought Russian Queens from Jester Bee this spring and if so what are your impressions? Have they produced, do they behave the way you would expect Russians to behave, have you had unexpected losses? Thanks.

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    I ordered three packages and got three nuc's in May, about a month late, they seemed a okay to me when I transferred them to ten frame boxes. The only one I was concerned about that seemed light has busted loose. The other two have been slow and at first no growth. I inserted a frame with a starter strip in each and will check them tomorrow, weather permitting. The brood was there and since I spend most mornings sitting in front of the hives with a cup of joe I have watched them grow with activity.

    The two are coming along. I don't expect a harvest from either of them this year. But the two packages I got from him last year are doing great. I expect a harvest. I'll be getting more from him. Next year or split and if needed requeen the next year.


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