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    Customer service! 5-stars!!!!!

    I haven't had time to evaluate the breeder queen or her daughters yet BUT....... this relates more to the customer service side of things.

    I ordered a breeder from Glenn Apiaries to arrive on June 5th. I called on June 4th at about 9am west coast time. My problem was that I had a death in the family and needed to travel to the east coast for 3 days. I didn't know what I would do as my breeder was to arrive the next day.

    I asked what I could do and she (Suki?) said that my queen was already packaged and waiting for the UPS to pick up.... I explained my situation and asked what would be the best thing for my wife to do when it arrived as she is terrified of opening a hive.

    She thought for a minute and told me not to worry about it.... They would take her out of the cage/package and put her back in the hive until I got back and then they would send it to me. I ended getting a different queen then that showing up on the original paperwork as they had written in new numbers indentifying that queen.

    The fact that they were willing to go the extra mile at literally the last minute speaks volumes to me. I'll evaluate the queen/daughters later but the customer service is excellent.
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    My experience was not so dramatic, just business as usual. But I can say the same thing. Top notch service. Never a hitch with an order yet.

    Not that we shouldn't keep our own records, but it's nice to know that they also keep a record of your purchases and the queens that you've purchased. Nice to call them up and they have your history in front of them!

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    Glenn apiaries has unparallelled customer service, and a very good product as well. I recommend their queens without reservation.

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    Me too....
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    Big Grin

    Me three... And they actually respond to e-mails!


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