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    Default using package cage in beevac

    I've been lucky so far when it comes to cutouts or swarm retrievals, but know eventually I'll need a bee vac. I printed out the besource plans and was thinking about how I would design if I had to from scratch. I been trying to think of a use for the bunch of empty 3 lb package containers hanging around and it seems they would be great to modify and use as inner boxes for a bee vac? Has anyone else tried this? Are there any reasons not to?
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    Works good on the one I made put a hole in the box that the shipping cage is in with a gate on it to control the air flow through the shipping cage.

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    A three pound shopping package fits into the kelly bee vac quite nicely.
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    That's exactly what I did. From scratch I used a super and mounted the package cage inside and put plywood on one side and plexiglass on the other
    so I can see the bees inside. I mounted the vac on top and it works great.

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    Lightbulb Brushy Mr. vac

    A few years ago I bought the BM vac that uses the shipping cage. I modified it with a one gal shop vac placed into the box with the cage, made it into a one piece unit. It worked ok for quite a while as long as you regulate the air and use a short hose, but it could kill a lot of bees and I did.

    Now I have made a unit based on the one that Iddee showed us. Again I had to modify it to have a one piece unit by putting the vac in the same box, but the design is top drawer. I have been using a 12 foot 2 inch hose and hardly kill a bee.

    Look into it, I think it is the best you could make.
    Bullseye Bill in The Scenic Flint Hills , KS


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