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    Default Believe it or not...

    If someone had told me that my overwintered nuc (2 five frame boxes) would turn into this,
    I never would have believed it. The nuc was transfered into the single beige hive you
    see in the 1st photo about April 2nd. This hive today is in 3 deeps and 3 supers. It is
    LOADED with bees and honey. I think I got some great bees here. I got at least a hundred
    pounds surplus or more. By the way, last year this nuc was started from 3 shallow frames with a swarm cell.
    By the way, I have 1 hive that has not done so well and another that I had to reduce to a nuc.
    3 BOOMERS and 2 DUDS overwintered.

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    I really like where those bees are located on the ridge there. it is nice looking.


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