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    Quote Originally Posted by dixieswife View Post
    Itty bitty swarm in tree above the hives today (9/2)-- gonna guess it's from one of the seven hives below it. We're not sure which right now. Softball sized ball, pretty tiger striped queen, about a frame and a half of bees. Put them into a nuc, donated some stores, a frame of open and capped brood and an empty drawn frame with a couple naked frames for them. They seem to be content. Feeding them along with the other hives.

    Now to figure out which hive threw them and see what their queen situation is.
    I don't think one of our hives threw them afterall. All queens are accounted for and she doesn't really "look" like she came from here. They are settling in and drawing comb from syrup. We'll see how they do!

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    Fieldale VA 24089
    Probably swarmed about 2 wks ago.
    had built comb on tree branch with a few capped brood upon discovery 9/16/15
    Cut down, put in box.. abandoned.

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    Sydney Australia caught 3-Oct-2015
    Clear and sunny About 23C 07:00am
    Size = 2 Basketballs size
    Easily shook into a box from a small bush

    -= The Urban Beekeeper =-
    YouTube Channel:

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    Gautier, MS.

    86 outside today. BEAUTIFUL DAY!

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