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    Question need advice, managing for honey

    I have been invited to bring bees to work the poplar flow at a friends farm, 20-30 miles away.
    I have 2 hives I am considering for this .
    Hive "A" is a 10 frame lang, bottom box is medium frames, solid brood.
    second layer is a "queen mating apartment" box, 1/2 length shallow frames.
    All of the hives food stores are in this queen mating apartment box.
    top layer is shallow undrawn foundationless frames.
    Hive "B" is 9 frame lang, bottom box is medium frames solid pollen from last fall. looks like some cells have a little mold starting.
    2nd layer is shallow frames , 3-4 frames brood, some nectar. top layer is medium , undrawn foundationless frames.
    Hive "C" is a nuc/starter I started from a single frame in an 8 frame medium box this spring, queen is laying well, 2 or 3 frames eggs & brood.
    I have been feeding hive "C" 2/1 syrup for about a week.
    Queens A & B are sisters from last year, Queen C is daughter of Queen A.
    I am inclined to combine Hive "B" with Hive "C" for a more productive unit.
    I want to recover the queen mating box, take it out of hive "A".
    Should I invert hive B ( move brood box to bottom, pollen to middle)?
    Could/ should I take pollen from hive "B" & share with hive "A" ?
    These hives are light on stores have relatively little nectar. I would like to boost these hives as much as possible, but I do not want to contaminate my honey with syrup.
    should I jar feed for just a day? should I take a couple of frames drawn comb, mark them , & squirt as much 2/1 syrup in it as I can & place in hive for stores?
    will the bees keep it where I put it, or xfer it through out the hive?
    what would happen if I put food coloring in the syrup?
    maybe I should take syrup frames from nuc to share with A & B?
    Thanks for any comments or advice ... CE
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