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    Default New Camera

    I broke down and got a good camera. A Canon Rebel xti SLR 10.1 mp
    I also got a zoom, that almost cost the price of the camera.
    Lets hope for better pictures. Yes, this idiot took a picture of his new camera
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    I, too, have the xti. I've had it about 4 months. The resolution is outstanding. I don't know what you were using before but if it wasn't an slr you're going to really like the'd probably like it anyway.

    Now I'm saving for a lens-ring flash and a really good macro lens.
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    Can you recomend a good macro lens? I know nothing about cameras.
    I am a point and shoot ametaur
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    Wow, nice camera! I broke down and bought a easyshare by Kodak....which is probably a fraction of your cost. Enjoy!

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    jeffzhear, I had an Easyshare z740. it takes great photos.
    I am trying to teach myself basic photography. This should help.
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    Default camera and lens

    I started out with a pentax SLR years ago, and have had three different models. The first got stolen. Beekeeping has gotten me interested in taking pictures again. Just got a pentax 50mm f-4 macro and ring flash. I found them both on ebay. This is my second picture. I used a 2X converter (lens doubler) behind the lens for this and the other picture. First one was posted last week as "my first attempt...."

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