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    Default Why I don't do tree removals any longer

    Because you need to cut the tree down to make it work. This was my attempt to make a one way exit work. HAH!

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    looks good to me.

    Is that a beech tree?

    I think everything's going fine. Trapouts take a lot of time. They just look a bit confused to me. Give them a few more weeks. Did you bait the box with old comb and lemon grass? That will help.

    Keep the pic commin'!

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    Try it like this. It works great.

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    I've never tried to take them out of a tree like that; I'd be more inclined to hang a swarm trap near the bee tree and hope I could catch a swarm...
    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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    Mine was actually an older pic (8-13-02 in bottom right of photo). iddee's looks like it would have a much better chance of success, but I've still read that you need to cut the tree down to guarantee things. I am not sure the type of tree.

    I baited with drawn comb, maybe some pheromone (which I'm sure is somewhere in the freezer after all these years.


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