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    got a call the other day asking if I wanted a hive in a old home that is going to be tore down, I usually charge for removals but I decided to get the bee's, this is one of the biggest hives I have ever removed, it is 3 foot wide and 7 foot 10 inches long, the Floor Joyce are actual 3x12's on 18 inch centers, the house was built in 1919, nobody has lived there for about 25 years, they said the hive has been there about 15 years but when I went in the hive most of the comb couldn't have been more than 3-4 years old but it is full of bee's.... here's some pic's, in the pic's you can see that I removed so comb already on the right side. I ended up filling 22 deep frames with brood comb, got about 2 1/2 5 gallon buckets with honey comb, but this hive is about as big maybe just a touch bigger than one I removed last year.

    here the entrance over the door on the right side
    and that's me removing the ceiling

    the joyce in the center had 4- 4x4 notches through it and comb running through the notches, it was just one hive. that is just a joyce, it has a 1x6 nail under the joyce, looks like a beam but the joyce is notched like at one time 4x4's ran through it...

    here's a close side view, now remember this is 3 foot wide
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