So I have experience anecdotal evidence with bee stings. I have plantars faciatis (sp?) in both feet and got stung on my ankles several times last year. I noticed -- by accident -- that I was pain free for several weeks thereafter. And one time I got stung on one side and not the other and the side that got stung was better than the other foot.

Anyway, I also had surgery for bi-lateral epicondilitis 14 years ago, my arms do okay (lowercase) but do have trouble from time to time. I might try it there (althought that is an upper extremity.)

So my question is how do you physically administer the sting(s)? Do you get a bunch of bees in a jar each week and just kind of keep them. And then pull one out with tweesers or with your fingers grab them by the wings and them hold them to the skin? I would like to know the specifics of how to administer the sting?