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    Default Pictures from Brazil..Part 3

    I can only post 4 photos at a time...
    Heres a whole bunch with Senor Manuel. Things have not changed much, since I was there a year ago
    Senor Manuel, with no beesuit of course!

    Leaves to keep the hive cooler

    "To bee or not to bee"

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    The trusty smoker

    Alot of smoke and..

    Out comes a frame of brood
    "To bee or not to bee"

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    Yours truly...

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    "To bee or not to bee"

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    New Hive Tool I gave him. He said he loses his all the time!

    That **** starter strip!

    Just in case Nuc box.

    "To bee or not to bee"

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    He is proud of his honey!
    "To bee or not to bee"


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