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    Default Beware of short lantern cylinders

    I bought a Bonide fogger and have not had any problems yet. But in reading the instructions about the typical stuff such as pre-heat for 2 minutes, do not use upside down. Failure to preheat may also clog the heater coil, damaging your fogger. The Bonide also listed in BOLD the following:

    Bonide does not recommend the use of the shorter , 16 oz lantern cylinders. Lantern cylinders may cause flare ups or uncontrolled burn, particularly when the cylinder is full.

    I had a short lantern cylinder already to use before I read that.

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    I just fogged my hives and it doesn't get much easier then that! wow, it takes no time at all!

    Thanks to all for your advice, particularily Iddee...ty.

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