This was an email sent out by Mark, the president of the Boulder Beekeepers Assoc. I though others might find the information interesting. I have to work during the broadcast so I guess I'll have to wait 3-6 weeks for the transcripts to be available.

>>Hello Beekeepers:

We are about to have our 15 minutes on stage. Congressional hearings this Thursday will focus on the CCD and its potential impact on US Agriculture.

Thanks to Andy Schwarz, here are the links. You can listen live to the event on the internet by going to the following link (just click below):

Further you can read the contents of the hearing and the testimonys after the hearing by clicking on: Click on Hearing Transcripts

You will be able to submit written testimony but I am not yet certain of the exact procedure. It will be outlined in the Congressional Record. We'll keep you posted.

Get involved if you can. We have an opportunity to turn a tide that is currently not working in our favor. One good way to get involved is to write letters to our US Representatives. You need to write the Representative from the District in which you reside. This can be done on the internet.