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    Default brew closet pic

    what's in your closet?
    check out photos section

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    No pics, and my stuff is all crammed in acorner of the basement. My wife worries when the furnace guy and others come that they're gonna think we have a meth lab with all the glassware......

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    As a former HVAC technician, I'd be more concerned with losing "inventory" when his tool box is heavier than when it came in the door!!! You do have a good concern, there's plenty of press on Meth for the public these days to make some service persons concerned and turn in suspicious findings.

    I remember a service/sales call to a guy I'd never met even though we were in a small town. He ran a farm tax & record keeping business and looked kind of like a typical accountant type. Sure enough, on a bench in the back store room next to the HVAC equipment sat a Dadant benchtop extractor and a few bottling buckets. I asked him how many hives, how the girls were doing, what kind of bees, etc. He was surprised to find out someone knew what the 'contraption' was and I was surprised to find out I wasn't the only bee keeper in that area! I think our common interest helped get me the sale!


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