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    Default Private Messages Lost?

    Not to complain, but it appears that all private messages
    have been lost in the transition.

    I am forced to admit that several requests were in those
    messages, and nowhere else including:

    a) Requests for hi-rez photos of bee-lining boxes

    b) Requests for reprints of things I had written

    c) At least one request that I speak somewhere in Ohio
    next fall.

    I would hate to look non-responsive, so can PMs be recovered?

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    Sorry, all PM's stayed in the old board. I put a notice up on the old board in most forums that said there was no guarantee any of the PM's would make the migration, so save them to your PC. Ah, it's good to make a fresh start anyway with these things. I've held on to many emails over time and with various upgrades have lost them. It was a good feeling to finally have a clean slate again. Just part of making changes.

    In no time, your PM folder will be full again!

    I had enough technical detours in getting the migration to work that if the only downside was the PM issue, I'll count it a success.

    Sorry for the lose of yours and everyone's PM's.


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    We were warned that the PM's may not make the transition. Barry said to save any PM's that you wanted to keep.

    I wanted to keep all the PM discussions we had about you, they made me laugh, but then decided it wasn't worth the effort.

    All of us are in the same boat, we'll just have to start over.
    Bullseye Bill in The Scenic Flint Hills , KS

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    Big Grin

    Could everyone who has PM'd me re-write and resend them please!


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