I used my bees wax for a lost wax jewelry casting for my wedding rings.
you can see the gold before it
was melted. there is a large 14kt broken necklace, some 18kt
broken earings and small chains, and some 24kt gold ingots. worked
out to be all 18kt when melted together. then you can see the wax
casting i made from my original carvings.... then my wife left with the camera
so there are no pics of over a ounce of melted gold in the
crucible. that was wild looking. and no pics of the pouring of the
gold. but there are pics of the casting after they came out of the mold and then
what they looked like finished. i tought myself jewlry casting in
3 months and just finished them 2 days before we left for key west to get married.
bought books and supplies online. my ring has a small casting flaw,
but her's has 2 and one is pretty bad, so i'm gonna melt her's and recast it in a few months
once she will let me have it back for a few days. i'll prolly just
leave mine as is. hope the pics work. i'm not that computer savvy.