I am very impressed with Dadant's customer service and understanding.

Last July I ordered the plastic extractor. I then heard that the gears were a problem, so I called to change the order too a better extractor. They sent the new extractor, and a bill for the remaining unpaid amount. The handle had been broken durring shipping due to the way the packing was done. Dadant shipped me a new handle very quickly.

As for the unpaid amount, my wife was pregnant at the time. Not long after recieving the new handle, she started having complications that ended up with her in the hospital for a long time, and our son died shortly after birth in October. We also lost three months of her income durring that time. I did recieve the occassional bill from Dadant to remind me that the balance was unpaid, but they did not harrass me. After my son's funeral I finally got the time to call Dadant and inform them of the situation, and they were very patient and understanding. When I was finally able to pay the bill in December, Dadant dropped all the late fees.

Because of this, there is just no way that I can praise their customer service enough. I think that sometimes we can forget that the relationship between buyer and seller is a two way street, and we forget as buyers can be blind to the fact that we have to be fair to the seller as well. I this case I made the effort to contact Dadant and let them know that I had not forgotten them. In return Dadant went beyond a mear business relationship and showed human compassion.

My plans are to eventually manage more than 1000 hives. I still buy some things from BetterBee, but Dadant will probably get the majority of my business.