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    Has anyone heard anything from "B&B Honey Farms" for a supplier. I had been buying stuff from them for a while, and this last time I think I got my bees quite late from them.
    Was dissappointed in that, but am giving them the benefit of the doubt. I thought they shipped bees in to late. They had a bad year for getting bees shipped in. Seems they are have been lagging behind a bit, and wonder if its just me or if anyone else has experienced any problems with them ?
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    with enough time you will find that ordering queens and packages (especially early orders) are much dependent on weather. to my way of thinking I would rather a queen or package seller wait than ship me a queen that was poorly mated. I do believe that patience pays when it comes to this kind of item from a supplier.

    as a particular supplier... I have no experience with b&b.


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