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    I have been using Dadant for several years now because I can pickup from a local facility (Paris, TX). I have been very satisfied with their wooden ware. I use the commercial grade and usually buy at the first price break point for boxes and frames. I have boxes that have been on the shelf unassembled for two years that have not warped. Same is true for frame parts. Out of several thousand frames I have one warped top bar and one that had some short grain. Everything else has been fully functional and the fit was fine.

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    I always have quite a few more warped top bars than that from Dadant frames BUT while annoying,overall aren't enough to worry about.I bought a couple thousand of their pre assembled wooden frames with plastic foundation to try last season.These were accepted and drawn just fine ,and even better fed through my chain uncapper perfectly without destroying the combs,unlike pierco plastic frames.
    I also like their boxes best of all I have tried.


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