BB, I had typed out the below comments for posting, and thought it better to send to you. I realize I am one person, but if there is one who thinks this, I am sure there are others.

BB, I am not sure in my mind what exactly this forum will accomplish. I'm a little foggy on the whole forum concept.

Seems that anyone really wanting to rip someone off, and make a few dollars, will not really care about a few people on Beesource.

The ligit companies I feel are human and prone to error. I think they also try to correct the problems when brought to thier attention. I do not think any of the major players in the beekeeping supplier business, has scammed or cons on some grand scale.

It seems most of the discussion is along the lines of commenting about good service, or petty bickering.

I am quickly changing my mind and willing to say, I am losing my warm fuzzies over this forum.

May I ask you to elaborate on the boards intent and structure? I can see its use in a narrow sense.

Last year there was a bee breeder who was way late in deliveries and refunds, and even that was lowered to those who felt taken advantage of, and the other side were those who felt as beekeepers we should give the guy as much slack as possible. The other two instances were the honey stick machine, and the rauchboy smoker business. In all three of these instances, I am not sure if all the posting on beesource could of changed much.

So to me, its about 98% fluff. And that comes from someone who knows fluff.

Is there anyway to contact and verify a members claims, prior to some business being hurt by someone's careless, or even intentional negative comments about someone's livelyhood? It would be a shame to have someone's business hurt by some person with a personal agenda, or a bone to pick. I think the potential harm can far outwiegh any possible benefit at this point. If there is a real problem, fine. But what happened to the "We are all beekeepers" concept. Seems that if there is a real problem, the details are clear and help can be summoned as needed by our vast numbers. Anything else below the level of an outright scam, seems like old bitty lady's gossiping and having nothing good to say.

Just speaking my mind. Thank you for reading.

I do not have any fancy letters after my name, no books published, and not many years experience. So please regard my contributions with the best intentions as just a member of this forum. Thank you.

Bjorn, thank you for your concern, and yes we should try to delineate the goals of this forum.

Barry defined the forum as "Share your experience with merchants and suppliers, both positive and negative."

I for one have had four different problems arise and three of those issues were resolved with the help of members here on BeeSource. Members here made it known to the suppliers that they had heard of the problem and were watching to see how the problem would be resolved.

Granted two of my issues were shipper involved, but there are messages that can be relayed to other members that they can benefit from. An example would be inspecting an order before signing the delivery slip. Once your have signed it you no longer can make a claim against the carrier. We can learn form others experiances.

This is what happened to me with an extractor I ordered from Brushy Mountain, it was called "hidden damage". That is damage that is not evident from the condition of the package, but is found when opened. When I called BM I got a 'too bad, tough luck' answer. The insurance they buy is no good if you sign for the shipment. Steve eventually called me and help make it right, but it took intervention of people here to get that done. They were NOT going to do anything before they were pressured into it.

I hold no grudge against BM and still order a great deal from them, however I would not had they not helped me out. There is more than one message to be learned here.

The majority of our dealings are with legit busineses, and no, they are not advertizing here to promote scams. I run my own business and know as well as anyone that problems arise. Not every customer can or will be 100% happy with their transaction, but there are times when the 'right' person did not get the message to be able to take care of the problem.

In the end this is a place, a forum, where you "Share your experience with merchants and suppliers, both positive and negative." We accept what is posted a truth as the poster sees it. We do not want to hurt a manufacturer or retailer, that serves no one. What we want to do is HELP our members learn through our experiances. Forewarned is forearmed.

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