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Thread: Candle supplys

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    Where does everyone like to buy there supplys. What molds do you like best?I need to start using all this wax.What do you use to heat the wax? Thanks for any help.

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    Betterbee has quite a few molds and are online. As to heating wax, better to learn well what to do. Many a home, garage and honey house has been burnt to a cinder making candles. Wax reaches a certain temperature and it becomes volatile, similar to gasoline, and will flash. Once it is burning it's all over but the crying. If you have a small amount a crock pot works well as does one of the old deep fryers with a thermostat. A double boiling set up is pretty safe too. That can be as simple as a coffe can of wax in a pan of water. You should render your wax, scrape off the waste and then heat and filter it.(we use old t-shirts). Never, and I mean never walk away from wax when it is heating. All it takes is phone call or a door bell and 1/2 hour later you're on the set of back-draft.


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