Hi all. Be gentle as this is my first attempt at mead or brewing anything for that matter. My first mistake was to put five gallons of water in the fermenter and then add the honey. I had gotten 12 lbs of clover honey from a local source and had to keep adding some BJ's stuff until I got it to 1.116. That was as high as I could go because the bucket was full. ( I had already drained some out to make room.) I checked out the PH then and it was under 3 but I wasn't sure because I hadn't calibrated it in a while. Well 8 days after we started the SG was 1.030, the bubbles were down to 20 a minute and the PH was 2.7. I decided to add baking soda to raise the PH to between 3.7 and 4.0. I guestimated the 2 TBS would do the trick. Thinking that there might me some CO2 in the must I stirred it up a little then added the first tbs of baking soda. Some foam I thought was good as the base neutralized the acid. The second tbs was immediately pitched and all hell broke loose. Foam was everywhere, over the top, on the kitchen floor. What a mess. I didn't even stop to stir the must again. I just put the top back on and stuck the bubbler back on. Later when I drew a sample out of the bottom, very slowly to keep the bubble from getting drawn down into the fermenter, the PH it was 4.0. Beginners luck. I used DV10 for a yeast which is supposed to be low PH tolerant and low N tolerant. Anyone have thoughts as to how this might turn out?