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Thread: serving mead

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    What is the "traditional way" or tempeture of serving mead? Back in the day there were no iceboxes to chill the mead but todays stadards on wine has changed.

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    Great topic! I'm interested to see people's preferences. For my money, serve it any way you like. I tend to serve my ales especially somewhat warmer than you'd find in a pub, around 48-50 degrees. Too cool overly subdues aromas and flavors IMO.

    Similarly with meads. Broadly speaking, I like them lightly chilled: 60 or so. Lighter quaffing meads can be chilled a little more enthusiastically, but again to my taste they suffer somewhat until they warm a bit. Sparklng meads I prefer a little chillier than their still counterparts. My unfinished basement (er, that is, "cellar") runs around 55-60 most of the year, so that's been my serving temp for most of my wines and meads. If you want to really get into it, serve three glasses: well chilled, cool, and room temp and compare. Chilled meads served in snifter-style or many wine glasses will warm readily if the glass is palmed.

    Warm, mulled mead will thaw your bones and bring out the grin slicker than snot on a doorknob too
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    I generally prefer cool to cold beverages. I've never been able to get into warm mulled mead. If I want to thaw my bones, I'll just drink something that's a little harder. Or more of it. [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Really sweet stuff goes in the freezer, the rest gets refrigerated or basement temps at the absolute warmest.
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    I like mine at room temperature.
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    I kind of agree with Ben, most still mead should be served a little below rom temperature but sparkling should be chilled. I go a little further however, and like my sparkling straight from the fridge in a champagne flute. Nice.

    Another alternative is a hot cocktail. I recently made a still mead with black pepper and ginger, and that one is great with a dram of whisky, slice of lemon and a splash of just boiled water. I call it a 'lemsip' - perfect in winter when the chills set in.
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