Kind of off topic, but I went and bought my first glass carbuoys today!! (yay!!) I bought 2 five gallons for abou $20 a piece. Anyway, before all I had was my poly-fermenter with a batch of blackberry melomel in it. So I racked that into its new glass home and started a batch of peach puree wine in the poly. I've only done the one batch of melomel so far and that was off the directions in the kit, so I'm going to post the recipie the brew shop guy gave me to make sure he didn't leave anything out that you guys will catch.

3 cans (3 lbs 1 oz per can) peach puree

12 pounds corn sugar

5 tsp Acid Blend

2 tsp Grape Tannin

2 1/2 tsp Pectic Enzyme

I also added 5 campden tablets because our water has a pretty high bacteria count, so I won't be putting the yeast in until tomorrow after those are done. These measurements differed quite a bit from my mead recipie, and also he didn't tell me to put in any yeast energizer like I did with the mead. I'm assuming the peach juice has enough nutrients. I also have gelatin finings, but to be honest I'm not quite sure how to use them. Thanks in advance!! You guys are the best!