Or really in your kitchen, basement, or garage? I am curious what folks have fermenting away, I'll start. Fresh in my mind as I sampled yesterday.

I have two five gallon batches of orange blossom mead. They were started months ago and got some O2 and yeast stirring and nutrient to stimulate.

I have a 5 gallon blend of honeys that my girls gathered. Just leftover stuff from several years. The first mead that had heat added to the must.

I have a 7 gallon batch of 15% PAV mead still at 1.050.

I have a 5 gallon batch of 12% mead, was a little cloudy, will be bottled after the clay settles.

THere is also a 5 gallon batch of maple wine. Not quite done. Contrary to prior memory, the aroma and taste are very true to maple.

ALso 5 gallons of pinot blanc wine, wheat beer, and a belgian dubbel. On tap is a barleywine.

Do you enter competitions with your meads and are you a judge of any kind of standing? I have entered in the past and hope to be a BJCP judge down the road.