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    Or really in your kitchen, basement, or garage? I am curious what folks have fermenting away, I'll start. Fresh in my mind as I sampled yesterday.

    I have two five gallon batches of orange blossom mead. They were started months ago and got some O2 and yeast stirring and nutrient to stimulate.

    I have a 5 gallon blend of honeys that my girls gathered. Just leftover stuff from several years. The first mead that had heat added to the must.

    I have a 7 gallon batch of 15% PAV mead still at 1.050.

    I have a 5 gallon batch of 12% mead, was a little cloudy, will be bottled after the clay settles.

    THere is also a 5 gallon batch of maple wine. Not quite done. Contrary to prior memory, the aroma and taste are very true to maple.

    ALso 5 gallons of pinot blanc wine, wheat beer, and a belgian dubbel. On tap is a barleywine.

    Do you enter competitions with your meads and are you a judge of any kind of standing? I have entered in the past and hope to be a BJCP judge down the road.

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    6 gals Port (conventional grape stuff)

    25 gals medium sweet show mead
    15 gals cider
    45 gals cyser
    5 gals each of:
    Champange style mead (high ABV, will be sparkling)
    Strawberry melomel
    Port-style mead (high ABV, still, sweet)
    Sweet cherry melomel
    Blueberry melomel
    Blackberry melomel
    Peach melomel
    Raspberry melomel
    Raspberry wine
    Tart cherry melomel
    Sweet show mead (from uncapped honey)
    Red plum melomel
    Stanley plum melomel
    Elderberry melomel
    5 1-gal jugs of show mead (different yeasts in each)
    Multi-fruit melomel
    Concord grape wine
    Cranberry melomel 2.0

    Cranberry melomel
    Concord grape pyment/melomel
    Honey wheat beer

    Misc metheglyins
    Maple porter
    Vanilla creme Ale
    Boring porter
    Nut brown ale (my wife's recipe)
    Nut brown small beer
    Blueberry wheat beer
    Various older stuff

    What can I say? I like beverages, and I'm brewing for 2. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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    Party at Scott's house!!! Thanks for the chuckles, now my wife does not think I am quite so bad. Makes me thirsty.

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    Holy Cow Scott! That's fantastic. A friend with mead is a friend indeed; Scott I suspect could get house projects addressed pretty readily with a little Tom Sawyer action.

    For myself I'm still recovering from a recent move and other issues, but:

    5 gals zinfandel pyment
    " gewurtztraminer py
    " peach melomel
    10 gals off-dry traditional

    6 gals chianti
    " orange wine
    " peach/apricot chardonnay

    5 gals barleywine

    On tap: 10 gals dry stout
    local pale ale

    And then the barchives (assorted bottles aging) down in the cellar.

    Recently enjoyed a 1987 Thomas Hardy's that briefly transported me to a far-off, beautiful world of malt nymphs dancing seductively on the surfaces of my mouth, ahhhh....
    Bees, brews and fun
    in Lyons, CO


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