Started my first 5 gal batch Jan 2004,13# honey,Lavlin ec1118 yeast.Fermented one week in primary at cool room temps.Racked to secondary at room temps for about 2-3 weeks until bubbling stopped.Racked again and placed in cool room in cellar(57deg).Racked a couple more times to clear and bottled in July.Tasted in Aug.Unpleasant,a little sweet.Checked in Dec.and noticed a little sediment.Opened a bottle.improvment in flavor but it was carbonating!
I kept a record sheet of ingredients and gravities but ,of course ,I can't find the darn thing.
What should I do now?The carbonation is slight,just a little bite on the tongue.Not much "pop" when I open the cork.Would it be better to store the bottles straight up or on their sides.Right now they are on their sides and if they blow it will be a heck of a mess.If I stand them up,will the corks dry out and allow a little gas to escape?Will the corks come out a little at a time or all at once?Or how about duct tape(a la Red Green)to act like the wire on a champagne bottle.