My first batch of mead was completed just in time for Christmas. The batch was started Holloween and the yeastie beasties died right at 15% as promised the week before Christmas.

My goal was to make a cimmomon clove mead that I have been very fond of in the past. The flavor of the unflavored mead right out of the carboy has been great, but that was not my objective.

The hardest part of making mead has to be flavoring, hopefully it will become easier as I do it more. I was not real happy with the c/c flavor at first, but like most meads, the more you drink the more you like it. (hick) I did add a tart cherry to part of it and it made a drastic difference. The sharpness that I didn't like went away and was very palitable.

When I racked out the batch I put it all in one gallon containers. My thinking is that I can try flavors and still be able to cut it if it doesn't work out. Or if it really sucks,it wouldn't be too much of a loss.

I guess I have found another part of the hobbie to enjoy (hick).