To all members -

The website and bulletin board will have to turn a new corner this coming year. Since its inception, I have chosen to make the site totally free, spending enormous amounts of my own time and money to make this happen. As long as I was able to do so, I was grateful to do it. This was one way I could help the beekeeping community. However, I can no longer do this for various reasons. I have refrained from going the ad route to generate funds, as I hate them. I would like to think that the people using the site could donate enough to keep it up and running. If not, some hard decisions will have to be made.

I want to personally thank the 7 members who have already sent in donations this last week. It appears there is real interest in the site's continuation. Any donation received will go directly to pay for the Bulletin Board upgrade and the annual cost in hosting fees.

I will be putting a PayPal donation button on the website soon. I am working on a way to best display the donation part of the site. More coming soon.

If anyone wants/needs to respond to this, please use the Tailgater Forum to do so. I want to keep this forum clean and simple for its intended purpose.