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Thread: Feeding?

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    What are the best feeding methods in tbh's?
    Pics would be great if you have any.

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    Baggies are simple.

    Just put them on the bottom in the open space.

    If you have a hive that matches Langstroth dimensions you can use a frame feeder or put a miller feeder on top. If you have a lot of open space at the back you can set a boardman feeder there. You can build a frame feeder out of wood to fit.
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    The last hive I built I decided to add a slot for an entrance feeder- only in the back so it didn't encourage robbing from any other bees. I haven't had to use it yet but it seemed like a good idea in case I wanted to feed essential oils, which don't work well in a baggie as the bees feed from the top and essential oils can concentrate to the top in dangerous concentrations.
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