Hi folks,

I had a chat with K. Ruby about starting up an East Bay TBH/organic beekeepers' club meeting, starting in the beginning of Feb. We decided on Wednesday night, Feb 7th, location to be announced. I assume a 7 pm meeting time would be a good one. I think I'll host it at my house in Berkeley, but we didn't get quite that far in our discussion (we can probably also ask the Ecology Center for meeting space, they're supportive of this when I mentioned it in the past, I think)

I'd been kicking this idea around with lots of local TBH'ers for months, maybe having regular monthly or bimonthly get-togethers. We've also
talked about having a TBH-specific conference sometime.

Email me at girlmark_list_email@localb100.com with 'East Bay TBH' in the subject line to get further announcements, though I"ll also list it here again close to the time.


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